Full IT Support

Tech Domain’s proactive approach to Managed Services constantly refines your core infrastructure to minimize the need for desktop support. At the same time, we utilize enterprise-class computer support tools to support employee productivity efficiently and effectively.

IT Help Desk services provide computer support, troubleshooting, and issue resolution during normal office hours via telephone support, remote utilities, or onsite support. Our help desk services address your employees’ needs directly and immediately.

We would also provide free personal service for individuals 65 years and above, this free service excludes the cost of replacement if required.

Tech Domain Networks delivers a full range of IT help desk services.

  • Remote or onsite diagnostic and solution identification
  • New computer set-up, configurations and upgrades
  • E-mail configuration and support
  • Software updates and maintenance
  • Hardware and software installation, configuration and upgrades
  • Internet connectivity issues
  • General maintenance and repairs
  • Crisis resolution
  • Virus control and removal

Automated Tools

Existing customers award Tech Domain IT Help Desk/Desktop Support a satisfaction rating of 98.11% with a speed of resolution rating at 96.15%. We attribute this high level of satisfaction to our staff’s expertise and automation tools that enable us to control electronic devices remotely, reduce human intervention to a minimum, and speed time-to-resolution.

Tech Domain utilizes Logmein Pro for our 360° Total Care tool for fast, easy and secure remote-support services.

  • Requires no software installation on your machines, rather it employs a small, on-demand download
  • Ensures complete data privacy through 128-bit end-to-end security based on Advanced Encryption Standards (AES), firewall integrity and compatibility, end user permissions and controls, and use of a highly secure data center
  • Information Week Magazine states “LogMeIn’s new One2Many feature for its LogMeIn Central web-based management console lets IT admins do admin tasks to local or remote computers running LogMeIn Pro in bunches rather than one-at-a-time. There’s no shortage of tools to remotely manage a PC — reconfiguring, re-imaging, doing software updates, and the like — and for SMBs, that’s a good thing. Time to do IT tasks is precious enough that doing them from one desk — and being able to multi-task while a given process is working to completion — is important. And many users’ PCs won’t be in the same office, making remote control essential.”