Full Remote Support

Contrary to what you’ve seen in offices for years, you don’t have to keep an IT staff on the payroll to maintain your network or hardware — you don’t even need someone in the same building.

Our full remote support gives you access to the same (or better) services that you would get from a dedicated in-house IT staff. You get to enjoy the exact same benefits and support, without tying up your resources, space, or budget.

We give our clients full remote IT support services that work for their business and their budget.

We would also provide free personal service for individuals 65 years and above, this free service excludes the cost of replacement if required.


Some of our remote support services include:

  • Server and network monitoring and management
  • Application and server monitoring
  • Help desk support
  • 24/7/365 service, or time-specific coverage, such as after-hours on weekdays, weekends, and holidays
  • Server support and management
  • Remote server administration
  • Daily safety checks