Workstation Support

Maintaining your employees’ workstation goes well beyond simply troubleshooting problems.

Serving several ranges of clientele, we give our clients workstation services that work for their business and their budget. We can monitor, and troubleshoot all of the workstations on your network, remotely, without having to hire a full-time professional.

We would also provide free personal service for individuals 65 years and above, this free service excludes the cost of replacement if required.

Some of our services include

  • Connectivity to the network and other devices
  • Bandwidth monitoring
  • Remote desktop support
  • Vendor management
  • Virus shield and firewall admin
  • Product license and warranty management
  • Upgrades and updates

Your company may not need to pay a full-time employee to manage your workstations. Outsourcing your IT and workstation-related jobs, means you only pay for what you need, while you save thousands of dollars each year.